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Washington Research Council Studies Trade and Transportation

The Washington Research Council recently finished a four part series on trade and transportations, emphasizing the benefits of expanding exports, through private investments, like the proposed bulk commodity export terminals. As the public comment period begins for the proposed export expansion near Longview, it would be wise if we remembered the lessons from the WRC studies: We need to expand and diversify our state’s export opportunities. Our state is at a crossroads. As the WRC found, Washington’s ports are in fact smaller than many of our global and domestic competitors. If we don’t make the investments now, we could lose ourRead more

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Washington Exports will serve to provide news and information about Washington’s export industry, while highlighting the economic benefits of expanding Washington’s export capabilities.

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Nansen_MalinNansen Malin is a natural online grassroots organizer. Her technology expertise and enthusiasm has resulted in a large online following. With her husband, Brett, she is co-owner of MR Data Corporation, which provides statistical analysis for market research and public opinion surveys to an international client base.

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